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Fools Around

Documentaries and reports about the Terschelling Festival Of Fools (locally called “Oerol”) from 1982 untill 1991, with: ISLAND FULL OF FOOLS Dogtroep, Derevo, Daniel Rovai, Johnny Melville, Chrome, Tender, Pigeon Drop, Mark Kingsford, Marco Carolei, Ray Graham, Flaco Gimenez, Flup and Ju Bedrijf, Kumbi Saleh, Traject Theatre and many others. (34 minutes)

LIEFHEBBERS VOOR EEN SLAATJE Documentary about the Foolsculture against the Deep Fried tourism culture (1984) with Johnny Melville, The Barneys, Chrome, Tender, Traject Theatre (16 minuten)

THE FLYING FOOL Highlights from the very first festival (1982) with The Barneys, Mark Kingsford, Jango Edwards, Shusaku, Flup and Ju bedrijf (30 minuten)

EXTRA’S Streattheatre (1987-1991) with Jack Spijkerman, Brigitte Kaandorp, Alex Dandridge, Vince Bruce, Marcolino, Dogtroep Midsland aan Zee, Derevo Hee Festival of Fools (1996) in the Vondelpark Openluchttheater in Amsterdam with Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville, Daniel Rovai, Jacques Brie (40 minuten)

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Fools Around